Rouge, Dîner Amical
October 27, 2019

Ashley, Vice Chargée de Presse

A crisp autumn Sunday is the perfect night to get dressed up, and wind your way down to the cozy upstairs of Rouge Restaurant in Inglewood.

To start the evening we enjoyed hors d’eouvres and bubbles served around the landing area and amongst the tables set for dinner. The floor gently creaking beneath our feet, the worn boards reminding us of all the past generations that have enjoyed this house.


Hors d’oeuvres & Bubbles

Veal Tartar & Truffle Puff
Jitterbug Cracker with Tomato Jam
Foie Gras & Quince

Famille Peillot Bugey Montagnieu Brut – 2017

Toni-Marie welcomed us to dinner, Paul explained that the evening’s concept was a nod to the roots of Rouge. This dinner was an exercise for the young cooks to create a tasting menu, as is Rouge’s tradition, along with the brigade who prepared the wine pairings for every course. Each cook and brigade member responsible for the creation of that course, joined us as we began tasting our first bites. They explained the inspiration behind each dish, along with clarifying the reasons for the wine pairing.


Leslie Hardy Oyster Acadian Wild Caught Caviar

Famille Peillot Bugey Montagnieu Brut – 2017


Fogo Island Crab Variation of Sweet Carrot

Domaine Richeaume Tradition Blanc – 2014


Parsnip & Celery Root Ravioli Egg Yolk
Shaved Truffle

Cembra Pinot Nero, Trentino, Italy – 2017


 Fennel Sorbet Parsley Granite Tarragon Meringue


Maple Smoked Boar
Crabapple & Brown Butter Jus Pomme William
Rutabaga Romanesco

Chateau des Annereauz, Lalande De Pomerol, Bordeaux, 2015


 Cage Aged Gruyere Honeycomb Flowers

Taylor 40 Year Port


 Chocolate Caramel Tart Pumpkin Custard
Orange Gastrique

Domaine Madeloc, Banyuls, Pierre Gaillard, 2016


Toni-Marie following dessert gave the accolade for the evening, highlighting the excellent service, and wonderful explanations that accompanied each course. With the heart of the house and the brigade assembled it was time to announce the plate winners for the evening.

For the Heart of the House Chef Darnell Japp – Chef de Cuisine at Rouge.


The front of the house plate went to Rey Dalman – Manager.

Thank you to everyone at Rouge for a truly delightful evening, we can’t wait to visit you again.


Vive la Chaîne!

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