Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines

Valli Arlette


Membership in the Chaine des Rotisseurs is obtained through a nomination process.  A new member must be nominated by an existing member in good standing.  A letter from the nominating member must be submitted to the Bailli Regional for consideration by the Council.Maximum enrollment may restrict acceptance of new members.

Dress at Dinner

  • Gentlemen members will wear a dinner jacket (tuxedo) throughout the evening, unless the invitation advises differently. Dinner jackets may either be white (summer) or black.
  • Gentlemen guests are required to dress in a fashion similar to that of their host.
  • Ladies whether members, escorts or guest are expected to be in appropriate formal evening attire of a style and standard suited to the formal wear of the gentlemen.
  • It is incumbent upon members to be sure their guests are aware of these dress rules so that the high standard of decorum is maintained, and the risk of embarrassment to guests is reduced.


  • There will be no speeches during dinner.
  • It is felt that Chaine members and their guest should enjoy the dishes seasoned exactly as prepared by the Chef. In order that no external influences distracts from the intended taste and flavour of these dishes, salt and pepper will not be available during service.
  • Chaine members and their guest are expected to remain seated throughout dinner in order to avoid any disruption in the flow and movement of the service brigade.
  • Unless otherwise advised all decorations are the property of the establishment. Under no circumstances are these decorations to be removed from the tables, damaged or defaced. This includes decorations made from food products, floral arrangements or china.
  • Chaine rules suggest that food is to be eaten when served, even if the others at the table have not yet been served, as this is the moment of peak quality and a sign of respect for, and appreciation of the labours of the Chef and kitchen staff.
  • The Chaine does not expect the establishment hosting dinner to make substitutions of food courses to our members because of allergy, dislikes or medical conditions. It is appropriate if there is a concern to inquire with the establishments as to the ingredients used in the meal or course and not indulge; in other words pass on that particular course.
    A replacement dish will not be made for that course.
  • Chains of Office members must wear their ribbons at all functions, unless otherwise advised.

Dinner Reservations for Members

  • An invitation is extended to a Chaine member and one accompanying person of his or her choice.
  • Venue capacity may restrict the number of spaces available to members. In the unlikely situation that the numbers of members requesting reservations should exceed the number of places at an event, reservations will be accepted in the order in which payment was received by the Argentier.
  • Members whose dues are in arrears will not be granted a reservation until all outstanding dues have been paid in full.
  • The earlier you place your reservation the more likely you are to have a place at the table. Once you receive the only invitation you are welcome to subscribe for the dinner.
  • Under no circumstances should members contact the host of an establishment to secure reservations for any event.

 Dinner Reservations for Guests

  • Guests are welcome, contingent upon the space limitations of the host establishment.
  • New members are not permitted the privilege of inviting guests in their first year following Intronization.
  • Members may inform the Argentier of their intention to bring guests at the time they confirm their own attendance at a particular function; however space for guests will be confirmed only after the member’s reservation cut-off date.
  • Requests for reservations for guests will be accepted in the order in which payment was received by the Argentier.
  • Guests will be accommodated according to the following protocol:
    • Chaine members from other Bailliage’s
    • Out of town immediate family of members
    • Out of town house guests of members
    • Prospective members approved by council
    • Other guests
  • It must be remembered that La Chaine is not a service club. It is not the role of Ia Chaine to be an entertainment arm for staff, associates or employees.

The Accolade

  • The Accolade given after the dinner is not a critique, but rather an acknowledgement to the establishment.