Chaine Establishments – Private

Chaine Establishments – Private


Calgary Golf & Country Club
Box 5788, Station A
Calgary AB T2H 1Y3
Telephone: 403-243-3530

Vincent Parkinson, Executive Chef

The Calgary Petroleum Club
319 – 5 Ave  SW
Calgary AB T2P 0L5
Telephone: 403-269-7981

Toni-Marie Ion-Brown, General Manager

Calgary Winter Club
4611 – 14 St  NW
Calgary AB
Telephone: 403-289-5511

Kevin Boyles, Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Merrin, Assistant General Manager

The Glencoe Club
636 – 29 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2S 0P1
Telephone: 403-287-4162

Dean Kanuit, Executive Chef

The Ranchmen’s Club
710 – 13 Ave SW
Calgary AB, T2R 0K9
Telephone: 403-228-3885 

Kim Iwamoto, General Manager
Kenneth Titcomb, Executive Chef