Jeunes Chefs de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs 

Calgary Bailliage 2024


Ashley, Vice-Chargée de Presse

On June 3rd, 2024, three young chefs from Calgary competed in the Jeunes Chefs de Rôtisseurs Competition for Calgary! This talented group of individuals ensured a first-class event making the tasting judge’s decision who would take home the trophy, very complex.

The Calgary Bailliage sincerely thanks all competitors and judges, with a special salute to Clint Morissette, Vice-Conseiller Culinaire, in making today a success.

The Jeunes Chefs for this year were:

Erik Hansen – Alloy
Ariel Khavkin – Sky 360
Zoe Maciejowski – Calgary Golf & Country Club

Competitors were required to produce an appetizer, main course, and a dessert for 4 people in 3.5 hours from the following black box items:

Salmon Roe
Black Kale
Russet Potato
Shimeji Mushroom


And they’re off!

Our competitors present the judges with their Appetizers:

*Please note all menu spelling is taken directly from the competitors handwritten menu. They are not allowed to reference phones, cookbooks, etc. for their menu writing*

1 2 3
Pheasant Forestiere Faro and kale salad, honey-chive dressing, garlic au jus.


Mackerel-scallop Mausseline, Poached P.E.I Oysters, pickled shitneji mushrooms, dill salmon ROE sauce


Mosaic of scallop and mackerel, salmon roe and farro and oystes tomatoe water.


Next, they were presented with the Main Courses:


1 2 3
Duo of Crispy Skin Mackerel and Pan Seared Scallops Carrot pommes paillason, confit himeji mushrooms and onion oyster cream with salmon roe. Pheaseant-black cale mousseline, braised pheasant chive crepe, carrot farro risotto russet hay.


Seared breast, braised pheasant leg and saimeji jus, pomme souffle’s, kale, carrot puree.

Finally, judges were presented with the Desserts:


1 2 3
Raspberry Lemonade Jelly pistachio sugar crumble, lemon pearls, honey whipped cream Caramelized honey, cremeux tart, raspberry Chantilly, raspberry coulis, pistachio crumb Mint cake, honey and white chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis.


Presenting their plates. The judges making tough decisions:

Displaying all three plates from the three competitors:

The competition having finished, everyone eagerly awaited the outcome.

Clint had the honour of announcing the winner.

The winner was Erik Hansen from Alloy. Bailie Joe Scorgie presented him with a gift certificate for himself and a guest to attend a future Diner Amîcal.

The Calgary Bailliage would like to congratulate Erik Hansen from Alloy for winning this event. The Bailliage would also like to thank The Calgary Golf and Country Club, and Sky 360 for sending these young culinarians to represent their establishments, and for the support they provided to all the participants and their continued dedication to culinary excellence and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

We would also like to thank the food sponsors of todays event:

City Fish
Calgary Winter Club
Pre Pak Meats
Worldwide Specialty Foods Ltd.

Along with an enormous thank you to our judges for today:

Rupert Garcia
Andrew Carrine
Quinn Staple

Tasting Judges:

Joe Scorgie
Matt Batey
Mike Frayne

Thank you everyone for your amazing support at this event.

Vive la Chaîne!