Welcome to the Calgary and Southern Alberta Bailliage of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Toni-Marie Ion-Brown

Bailli Regional Message March 2020

Dear Chaîne Member,

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in necessary protocols, including self-isolation, social distancing, and cancelling social events.

In Calgary, your Chaîne Council has been discussing the appropriate action that we should take. The CPR Executive Team has suspended our scheduled events. We will certainly be in touch as soon as we are able to plan another Diner Amical or l’Ordre Mondial event!

Yesterday, Bailli  Délégué  du Canada, Tony Catanese shared these two important messages that I will now share with the Calgary Bailliage:

World Chaine Day – In consultation with Paris, it has been decided that World Chaine Day (April 25, 2020) celebrations should go ahead!  We will however need to think of new (and of course) safe ways to honour the day. The focus will move to home based events and celebrations.  For most of us that means pulling out our favorite cookbooks, preparing our favorite or special dishes and celebrating with our spouse/kids. Maybe it will be a time to try one of those cooking tips from our professional members. Also a time to open that special bottle of wine we have been saving for a special occasion. However you celebrate the day, please do so safely and don’t forget to share your pictures.

Supporting our professional members – our professional members are facing challenges never before experienced. Most have been forced to close, lay off staff and incur significant economic losses. I ask that you stay connected with these members and offer them support and hope. Ask your local membership to do the same. Some ideas: 

  • If member establishments are still able to do take-out, promote this option to your membership;
  • Book tables and Chaîne events into the future. Our members need to know there is light at the end of this tunnel;
  • Visit Trip Advisor and write positive reviews for member establishments where you have had favorable experiences; or 
  • Buy gift certificates directly from member establishments.

Tony’s advice is great advice and I hope you will make plans to support our local Chaîne establishments. Our establishments can be easily found under our Establishments tab.

I will be making my own plans to wear my ribbon and celebrate World Chaîne Day on April 25. I hope you will join me (remotely of course).

I look forward to an in-person meeting as soon as it is possible.

Be safe, be well, and be happy!

Viva la Chaîne!