Welcome to the Calgary and Southern Alberta Bailliage of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Joe Scorgie, Bailli Régional

Joe Scorgie, Bailli Régional


December 2022 | Message from Bailli Joe Scorgie

Greetings Fellow Members,

It is my pleasure to be writing my inaugural address to our Calgary Bailliage.  First, I would like to thank Toni-Marie Ion-Brown for her many years of dedicated service on our Calgary Council and as Bailli Régional for the past four years.  I would also like to thank our current council for their passion and service to our Bailliage, these are the people responsible for organizing our dinners, competitions, and special events.

The 2023 Council of the Calgary Chaîne des Rôtisseurs:

Joe Scorgie – Bailli Régional
Linda Robinson – Vice Chancelier
Mel Miners – Vice Argentier
Susan Bauerfind – Vice Chargée de Missions
Ashley – Vice Chargée de Presse
Llyn Strelau – Vice Echanson
Clint Morissette- Vice Conseiller Culinaire
Brian Plunkett – Vice Charge de Missions
Sean McDonald – Vice Conseiller Gastronomique

2023 promises to be an exciting year here in Calgary with eight Diners Amîcal and three l’Ordre Mondial events planned, we have not had a schedule this full since 2019.  We will be starting the year with Jenny Chan and Michael Berg at their restaurant Queen’s and I strongly encourage you to attend.  For those of us who were at the last Diner Amîcal hosted by Jenny and Michael at Vero Bistro we know not to miss out.

We had 24 new members intronized this past year, which was a major accomplishment for our Bailliage, we sit at a comfortable 140 members here in Calgary making us the largest Bailliage in Canada.  We are also counting down to a major milestone, our 50th anniversary as a Bailliage is coming in 2024.  We will be hosting the National Grand Chapitre and in conjunction with the Val d’Okanagan Bailliage we will be hosting the International Jeunes Sommelier Competition.  Planning for this event is already underway and volunteers will be needed so stay tuned.

2023 will also mark the first time we raise our prices for Diners Amîcal in six years, this I believe is long overdue.  In order to be better partners with our professional members who host us year after year we will be moving the price of Diners Amîcal to $220 per member and escort.  This is by any measure a modest increase given the last two years of inflation, not to mention the preceding four years.

Our Bailliage has a tremendous foundation built upon countless volunteer hours over the past 48 years, our values and traditions have remained strong and are responsible for the success we enjoy today.  It is my pleasure and my honour to serve as the Bailli Régional for Calgary and I am looking forward to a terrific year of events!