Young Sommeliers

Young Sommeliers Competition

The Chaine des Rotisseurs Young Sommelier competition is an international event with the goal of identifying and developing top talent in the service field.  The competition begins with local competitions who’s winner will advance to regional and national competitions and finally the winner of each country’s national competition is invited to the International Competition.  The 2022 international competition will be held in September in Germany location TBD.

The Alberta Regional Young Sommelier Competition is meant to bring together young service professionals in a competitive environment in order to sharpen their skills and prepare the young professionals for an exceptional career in hospitality.

The top three finishers in the Alberta Regional competition are awarded medals, a Trophy, cash and to the winner a trip to Argentina to tour their wine regions.  As well the winner of the Alberta competition is invited to write the exam for the Canadian National competition which is the first step to the international competition.

The format of the competition will be based on the Advanced Sommelier Exam conducted by the Court of Master Sommeliers. The Practical and Blind exam format may be modified as deemed necessary by the Judges.

There is no cost to the competitors at any stage of this competition.  As winners progress travel and accommodation expenses are covered entirely by the Chaine des Rotissuers.

Why should you enter the Young Sommelier Competition? Because you could:

  • Win substantial cash and travel prizes. 
  • Enjoy inter-provincial and international travel, including to the finals in Paris, France.
  • Improve considerably your knowledge of wines and fine beverages.
  • Meet many interesting and useful industry professionals, have many networking opportunities and make friends with like-minded professionals.
  • Improve substantially your future employment prospects in the best establishments in Canada and worldwide as your participation demonstrates to any future employer that:

             ◦      You take your profession and the industry seriously.
             ◦      You have ambition and that you are up for a challenge facing competitors from around Canada and eventually around the world.
             ◦      You are willing to learn to improve your knowledge and proficiency.
             ◦      You can be competitive and a high achiever.

Competition Format

Theory Testing

The Theory section will consist of a written theory exam that may include short answers, multiple choice or essay questions. Knowledge in all areas of wine production, laws, viticulture and vinification, as well as spirits, beers, ales, ciders, port and sherry may be tested.

The Theory section will have a maximum one-hour time limit.  The top six scoring individuals on the theory exam will move on to the next stage of the competition.

Practical Skills Testing

The Practical Skills section is a station-based service performance exam that may include Decanting, Champagne Service, appropriate glassware choices, blind Spirit Identification of crafted beverages (by nose) and other real-world tasks.

Menu Pairing

The menu pairing section of the competition is designed to show and in-depth knowledge of different cuisines, cheeses and the ability of each competitor to select wines for a multi course menu.

Blind Tasting

The Blind Tasting section is a timed blind tasting of three or four wines. Scoring will be done on the Master Sommelier deductive tasting method.  Scores will be assigned for assessment by sight, nose, and palate and by initial and final conclusions of each wine.