Chaine des Rotisseurs Dîner Amical
Calgary Winter Club
October 23, 2016

  Juergen Bahr, Vice-Chancellier Argentier Honoraire

It is always exciting to visit an establishment for their first Dîner Amical. The Calgary Winter Club invited us all to a Dîner Amical in their new renovated facility. It is a beautiful Club open and inviting and the stairway that curves up to the dining room allows a generous view of all the athletic venues and facilities the Club provides.

The evening begun with a reception to allow us to mingle and catch up on news of the summer. We were delighted to receive the choice of Taittinger Champagne or cocktails from a vodka bar. Soon delicious appetizers of tartare, spaghetti crackers and tuna were served in generous numbers preparing us for the delights to come.

Bailli Mark Wilson then called us to the elegantly decorated dining room and bid us to take out seats.

After opening comments and introductions of guests the feast began.

Course 1
The Egg…First
65 ˚ Centigrade cooked farmer egg, Jerusalem artichoke sauce, vanilla scents and black truffle shavings
Te Whare Ra Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Course 2
Hand Made
Agnolotti filled with kale and white bean with lobster sauce
Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonney 2013


Course 3
My Memories
Salted cod fish “Baccala”, crushed potato, burrata cheese and crispy garlic
Domaine William Fevre Chablis Premier Cru 2012

Course 4
Surfing in Alberta
Campari, orange and rosemary sorbet


Course 5
The Main
Braised beef cheek, pumpkin puree, Kalamata olives and dry figs sauce
Allegrini Amarone 2010


Course 6
Cheese Plate
Paillot de chevre, marechal, mahon authentique
Artidi Vinas de Gain Tempronillo 2012

Course 7
Chocolate hazelnut pave with raspberry tapioca pearls, Vanilla bean tuille and coffee ice cream
Quinta de Vesuvio 2004

Coffee, tea, mignardises


We had a wonderful Dîner Amical and thank Chef Tardi and the Calgary Winter Club for this savory and entertaining evening. But all things come to an end and as it is traditional Bailli Wilson rose and delivered the accolades to the now present brigades. He praised first of all the excellent service supervised by Front House Manager Bridgette Oates. The service brigade was drilled and served the dishes in graceful unison. Questions were answered promptly, each course was announced and described at the table as it was being served and everything went smoothly. It was a joy to be at the table.

Bailli Wilson then thanked the kitchen brigade for their excellent work in producing these wonderful dishes. He went on to describe several courses and found them tasty and perfectly prepared. Bravo Chef Tardi.

As it is the custom, two plates were presented. Front House Manager Bridgette Oates received the first plate. Chef Antonio Tardi received the second plate that honors the food and wine. All then stood and toasted the brigades.

The evening was done; Bailli Wilson reminded us of the next Dîner Amical at the Highwood Dining Room at SAIT and reminded all of us to go home safely.

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