November 7, 2008

Annual General Meeting at The Calgary Petroleum Club

November 7, 2008

Juergen Bahr, Vice-Chargé de Presse

The 2008 Annual General Meeting was held at the Calgary Petroleum Club. While waiting for the members to arrive, the early arrivals were treated to a glass of refreshing fluid. Some of us managed to procure an extra fill-up for the meeting. Even though the meeting progressed smoothly under the capable gavel of our esteemed Baillie, the lubricant made it so much more enjoyable.

Baillie Cindy Findlay chaired the meeting. Council business was conducted and reports were received from each of the Council Members. Under new business, Dr John Arlette reported that the Bugaboo heli-fun will be presented this year from July 3 to 5. The weekend will start from Calgary with a bus trip to the heli-pad in Brisco, BC. From there we will be heli-choppered to the lodge. Saturday will be heli-assisted whatever – hiking, picnicking or just plain enjoying the scenery. The event will include seven meals – John feels that he may wind up putting on about a kilogram despite some strenuous exercise on his part. The rest of us can simply relax and enjoy what we like. Following the adjournment of the AGM, we returned to the Trophy Lounge.

There a magnificent buffet was laid out before us. Grace greeted us at the wine bar with a selection of two whites and two reds:

Fess Parker Voignier
Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc
Patrice Rion Bourgogne Rouge
Chateau la Croix-Canon

While we were mingling and the hot courses were being placed in the chafing dishes, tempura oysters a la Saint Simon were passed around for us to whet our appetites.

Upon approaching the buffet, we were greeted by a selection of fruit, bread and cheeses, followed briskly by various forms of sushi. A plate of tuna tartare was accompanied by Japanese horse radish and mustard.

In the corner, a stone plate of smoked beef sushi provoked the guests to reach that little bit to obtain the delicious morsels.

Then we reached the three chafing dishes. The first held a mini rabbit and mushroom foie gras taco. A beautiful and tasty entre. Next were shrimp and scallop skewered on lemon grass – oh so tasty. Last in line were the maple whiskey chicken brochettes – I need not say more.

Once these delights were sampled (two or three times), we were persuaded to enter into Kendra’s realm. Her Crepes Flambé were ”to die for”. The freshly made ice cream was a sensuous dream.

Finally, for the few little corners of the stomach, there were presented six teardrops of Otto & Shannon’s Friandise’s.

The accolade was delivered by Baillie Cindy Findlay to Executive Sous Chef Andre Zimmerman and Food and Beverage Manager Toni-Marie Ion-Brown.

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