May 26, 2017

Calgary Winter Club, l’Ordre Mondial
May 26, 2017

Jeff Merrin, Chargé de Presse

On May 26, 2017, The Calgary, Alberta, Canada Baillage was hosted by the Calgary Winter Club for a special Champagne and Caviar l’Ordre Mondial featuring Acadian Sturgeon Caviar and Taittinger. The company for the event was great and the weather was fantastic. Vice-Echanson Linda Robinson and Owner and President of Canadian Sturgeon & Caviar Cornel Ceapa, welcomed us to the event and the evening began.  


After the hors d’oeuvres and NV Taittinger, Cornel Ceapa lead the group in a caviar tasting in a prelude to the meal.


Once everyone was seated, Linda Robinson welcomed us to the evening, introduced the guests and reminded us that there are certain rules and conventions to be followed at the table. At the tables, a glass of Taittinger’s 2005 Comtes de Champagne welcomed each guest.


The five-course sturgeon tasting skillfully prepared by the Calgary Winter Club’s culinary team then began. 


Course 1


Sturgeon Carpaccio, mirin vinaigrette, charred radicchio and Taleggio cheese drops

Course 2


Sturgeon consommé, pan fried potato gnocchi, sturgeon bone marrow and Acadian Gold Caviar

Course 3


Sturgeon tripe, white bean Fricassee and cicerones

Course 4


Pan fried sturgeon filet, cauliflower purée and Acadian Wild Caviar

Course 5


Cantaloupe melon sorbet, Eau Claire vodka and Acadian Green Caviar

Thank You to the Chef Antonio Tardi, Bridgette Oates and the culinary and service teams for a great meal!


Vice-Echanson Linda Robinson, then wished us all a good evening and reminded us to find a safe way home.  A sincere thank you to the Calgary Winter Club for hosting such a unique event.

Vive La Chaine!

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