May 20, 2017

The Post Hotel, Dîner Amical
May 20, 2017

Jeff Merrin, Chargé de Presse

On May 20th, 2017, The Calgary, Alberta, Canada Baillage was hosted by Schwarz family for their annual Dîner Amical at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise.

Members and guests of the Chaine began their evening in the library where their evening began with a great selection of hors d’oeuvres and Taittinger Champagne.

After the reception, Bailli Jan Hansen introduced the guests and reminded us that there are certain rules and conventions to be followed at a Chaine Dîner Amical.  It was a wonderful evening and the tables were beautifully set. The meal was superbly prepared and was provided with refined service ‘progressing nicely from course to course.


Course 1


Fresh BC Spring Salmon Sashimi
Olive Lemon Mustard Emulsion

Course 2


Sautéed Atlantic Lobster
Purée of Sweet Onion
Vanilla Cardamon Coulis

Course 3


 Pan Seared “Rougie” Duck Breast
Fresh Chanterelles and Fresh Spring Green Peas
Red Wine Duck Jus

Course 4


 Whole Roasted Alberta “Driview Farms” Lamb Loin
Black Truffle and Rosemary Lamb Jus
Pomme Fondant, Fresh BC Spring Fiddle Heads

Course 5


 Oak Manor Blue Stilton

Course 6


 Mango Sorbet
Pomegranate Coulis and Rhubarb Chip

Course 7


 Almond Financier topped with Fuji Apple Compote
Sour Cream Ice Cream

After the meal, Bailli Jan Hansen gave the the culinary and service brigades well-deserved accolades for their preparation and service of the meal. 


Following custom, two plates were awarded for the evening. Chef de Partie, Markus Anliker accepted the plate on behalf of the culinary team.


Mason Smith, accepted the plate for the service brigade.



It was a very enjoyable weekend filled with comraderie, fantastic food and wine, and world-class service.

Bailli Jan Hansen, then thanked our hosts and wished us all a good evening.

Vive La Chaine!

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