May 16, 2014

l’Ordre Mondial

“Que Syrah, Syrah…”

Wine Tasting at the Post Hotel

Friday, May 16, 2014

Valli Arlette, Chargée de Presse

 Members of l’Ordre Mondial had a wonderful opportunity to travel “virtually” around the world, tasting wines made with the Syrah grape.  Under the guidance of Sommelier Kristina Long, and through the kindness of hosts George and Andre Schwartz, we were introduced to six wines from both old and new world vineyards, to gain a greater appreciation of the styles and nuances of each.  Kristina provided a wealth of information concerning the qualities of the Syrah grape, details of each terroir, the history of each vineyard, and the qualities that make each wine distinct.

 Planeta, Syrah,
Rosso de Sicilia, Italy 2007

 This wine featured bright fruit, and an herbaceous finish.  It displayed nice features of both old and new world grapes.  It will continue to age well.


Painted Rock, “Estate Grown”, Syrah,
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, 2010

The name of this wine pays homage to ancient rock paintings that exist in the bluff above the vineyard.  With plum-like fruit, it will be interesting to see how this wine ages.  Variations in climate may have a distinct influence on other vintages.


L’Ecole, No  41, Syrah
Columbia Valley, Washington, 2010

The inclusion of 20%  Grenache, the maximum allowed while still maintaining the “Syrah” lable, contributes to the much-more concentrated fruit, and floral nature of this wine.  It has defied expectations of the vintage.


Shafer Vineyards, “Relentless”
Napa Valley, California, 2009

Containing 18% Petit Sirah, this very dark wine is more tannic, with a richer, black fruit nature and an herbaceous finish.  The Syrah and Petit Sirah grapes are grown and harvested together.  This was a nice, big, friendly California wine.  Some of our members were well acquainted with the vineyard and its owner.


Two Hands, “Bella’s Garden”
Barossa Valley, Australia, 2009

 This wine was in the Wine Spectator Top 10, and we enjoyed the last two bottles from The Post’s cellar.  Fruit forward, floral, with a spicy finish, it was a good example of the Australian style.  Many tasters commented on food pairings that would bring out its best qualities.


Domaine Vincent Paris, “Granit 30”
Cornas, Rhône Valley, France, 2009

This vintage is still quite young, and will age well.  Crafted from 100% Syrah, it is definitive of the French style from the area where the grape originated.  Named for the 30◦ granite slopes where it is grown, the wine features the best qualities of old-growth vines, and a vineyard with a long and distinguished family heritage.


After thoroughly educating our plates, we needed a quick refreshment, which arrived in the form of Bruit Rosé Champagne, and a perfect bite of crab, served warm on a shiso leaf.

 Vice-Echanson Patricia Koyich rose to thank our hosts and express our appreciation for the elucidation provided by Sommelier Kristina Long, and the generosity of George and Andre Schwartz in sharing the bounty of their cellar.  After celebrating the wine tasting in song….

 …we descended to the banquet room for a lovely repast.

The Menu

Traditional Atlantic Balik Salmon
Grainy Honey Mustard Sauce

 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Château la Nerthe,
Rhône Valley, France, 2012

Pan-Seared Deep Sea Scallops with Asian Glaze
Chinese Broccoli


–—Sauteed Medallion of Northwest Caribou Striploin
Red Wine-Game Jus
White Wine Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

Saint-Joseph “Offerus” J.L. Chave Selection
Rhône Valley, France, 2010


–Bartlett Pear Upside Down Tart
House-made Vanilla Ice Cream

Sauvignon Rlanc “Late-Harvest – Reserve” Concha y Toro
Maule Valley, Chile, 2008


 Bailli Regional Mark Wilson added his appreciation for the quality of the event, the skilled pairing of wine and food, and particularly noted the contribution of the service staff.  He presented Sommelier Kristina Long and   Stephan Hermann with gifts of wine in recognition of their dedication to the excellence of our experience.

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