Calgary Golf & Country Club, Dîner Amical

March 25, 2023

Ashley, Vice Chargée de Presse

This evening we dined at the ever-classic Calgary Golf & Country Club, with Executive Chef Abe Belmoufid and his team.

We were greeted with Hercules Godmé 2012 Champagne followed by a welcoming reception, live piano music, and some delicious hors oeuvres.

Imagine the scene, overlooking the course, with a hint of snow falling.



The evening began with opening remarks from Joe Scorgie, Baili Régional, he introduced our guests and reminded us of the rules of the table.



Chicken Pastilla
Ras El Hanout, Sultana Raisins, Carmalized Onion, Argan Oil and Milk Custard

Pastilla is a dish of Moroccan origin, first prepared by the Sephardic Jewish community in the region. Another version, more commonly found in Algeria can trace its roots to the Ottomans as they travelled east from what is now, Turkey. This evening, you will be treated to what I believe is a perfect melding of the original, authentic preparation with minor alterations to the flavour profile for the Canadian Palate.

 2021 Domaine Schoech Gewurztraminer – Alsace


 Dover Sole Almondine
Sous Vide Carrot Cylinder and Beurre Blanc

 The dover sole has been on our menu for nearly two decades and it is one of our staples. We recently tried to revisit this icon, elevating preparation and plating methods.

 2020 Walter Hansel Chardonnay – Cuvee Alyce

Lamb Saddle Belle Epoque
Green Vegetables, Beans and Sauce Perigourdine

 The belle epoque is an iconic dish from the menu at the Ritz, London and was introduced originally by Auguste Escoffier. Our version highlights the dish’s complexity with a delicious combination of red meat, foie gras, and chicken mousseline.

 2014 Chateau Gazin – Pomerol


Granny Smith Apples and Vodka Granite
Fresh Mint Oil

 Our choice for this mix of granny smith apple, vodka, and mint is to serve as a baseline for more complex flavours, and is designed to improve digestion, stimulate the appetite, and remove any lingering aftertaste from previous dishes with heavy flavours.


Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib
Gpchujang Marinated and Finished on Binchotan, Mushroom Ragu and Miso Hollandaise

The plating and flavour profiles of this dish are inspired by the diversity of ethnic backgrounds in our kitchen today and recent past. Gochujang, a complex, rich Korean chili paste dominates the palate while the braising cooking method takes inspiration from French techniques, highlighting the delicious, Albertan beef we all know and love.

 2007 Caymus Special Selection – Cabernet Sauvignon

 Spring Blooms
Chocolate Nutty Tuiles, and Rose Water Crema

 Inspired by spring foliage and the abundance of flowers on the golf course, we wanted to create a dessert with varied textures, colours and flavours.

 2008 CARM Vintage Port

 Moroccan Pastries and Mint Tea

 Traditionally filled with nuts, Moroccan pastries tend to be relatively nutritious for a dessert and are a symbol of Moroccan hospitality. As a native of Morocco, I wanted to share with the diners an experience that is typical of my culture, sipping mint tea and sampling delicious pastries to complete the experience. This is my way of saying thank you.

As both brigades entered the bar area, they were greeted by a round of applause. Joe Scorgie gave the accolade for the evening, highlighting the military style service, and the bold flavours that excited our palates.

As is our tradition two plates were presented as a token of our event in recognition of the exceptional efforts of two members of The Calgary Golf and Country Clubs staff, one from the kitchen brigade, or heart of the house, and another for the front of house brigade. 

The plate for the service brigade went to Kirsten Franz, Catering Coordinator.

The plate for the heart of the house went to Sudeep Vasudeevan, Sous-Chef Tournant.

Vive la Chaîne!


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