March 19, 2011

l’Ordre Mondial – The Highwood at SAIT – March 19, 2011

The Calgary Bailliage decided to embark on a new venture with this event.  The objective of the evening was to raise funds to send three students from the School of Hospitality and Tourism at SAIT to an international Chaîne establishment for a work term.

Students who applied for the positions were required to submit a two page essay explaining why they would be the best candidate and how the experience would assist in developing their career. Five finalists were chosen from each of Baking & Pastry Arts, Apprentice Cook and Hospitality Management for interviews with a panel of Chaîne members.  The winners were then selected based on the written submission and the interview.

Winners were:
Baking and Pastry Arts           April Iverson
Apprentice Cook                     Taylor Gant
Hospitality Management         Jean Westbrook

These three will travel to Bermuda in June to complete a two week work stage at the Fairmont Southampton.  Here they will have the opportunity to gain international experience while working with the management and staff of the hotel which has both four and five diamond restaurants.

As for the event itself, 95 guests filled the Highwood Dining Room.  SAIT Hospitality Management Students ran the evening as a Special Events Class with their instructor Mike Tidswell.  Considerable assistance was provided by the Hotel Arts personnel.  The room featured an Ocean theme, reflecting Bermuda.

Top Chefs from Calgary prepared the food.  Each of these chefs was a past winner of the regional Commis Rôtisseur Competition, with three being winners of the National competition.  Our Chefs created some amazing delights for our tasebuds.

Dean Kanuit *,  Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire, Executive Chef, Glencoe Club presented his version of Coquille Saint Jacques

Connie DeSouza*, Maître Rôtisseur, Owner, Charcut had a most unique piece of equipment – an “Anti-Griddle”. Instead of heating, it was cooling – at -30 Degrees Celsius

Matt Rheman, Assistant Instructor, The Highwood, SAIT plated a Duck Tortelloni with a Deconstructed Amatriciana and separated the two with a mouth-pleasing foam.

Steven Lepine,  Rôtisseur, Sous Chef, Calgary Golf and Country Club served up a beautiful piece of Pork Belly with Apple and Anise Gastrique and accompanied with the best Brussels Sprout and Grainy Mustard that I probably have ever had.

Michael Dekker*, Rôtisseur, Executive Chef, Rouge – a Foie Gras Sundae!  Can you imagine? It was composed of a Saskatoon Berry compote, Bee Pollen & Lavender Honey Torchon, Maldon Sea Salt, Foir Gras Ice Cream, Micro Greens and topped with a Poppy Seed Tuille.  It was a mouth pleasing sensation of flavours as you dug deep.

* National winners

Simon Dunn, Chef Rôtisseur and Jan Hansen, Vice-Conseiller Culinaire assisted with the organization and preparation of the food.

All finalists were in attendance to assist with the execution of the evening.  Students from the Baking and Pastry Arts program prepared the dessert, Cook apprentice students assisted the Chefs in prepping the food, while Hospitality Management students assisted with the service.

Funds were raised through the ticket sales and a silent auction.  Donations for the auction were made from a wide range of Chaîne establishments and Suppliers – everything from food, wine and BBQ’s to facials and hotel stays in Kelowna which include a wine session with a sommelier.  One of the most popular items was a dinner in the home of the Regional Bailli with the National Bailli.  Wines were donated by Terry Gudzowsky, Vice-Echanson Honoraire, from his private cellar.

We are deeply indebted to the Chefs, the individuals and the companies who contributed so generously to this event and to the members and guests who bid so freely on the items to make this a wildly successful evening.

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