June 28, 2008

L’Ordre Mondial at Big Rock Brewery

 June 28, 2008

Mel Miners, Vice-Chargé de Presse

Under a cloudless blue evening sky, 75 members and guests gathered on the patio of hosts Ed and Linda McNally’s Big Rock Brewery. The reception started with the serving of Big Rock Jack Rabbit Lager, accompanied by various hors d’oeuvres. In the background, the delicious smell of the suckling pig roasting on the BBQ whetted the appetites of everyone.

While the reception was underway, Sheila McNally and Karla Petersen conducted a tour of the brewing facility. Everyone was fascinated by the number of huge stainless steel tanks and the amount of well-organized piping that transferred the various brews to the different parts of the building without exposing it to air.

Upon returning to the restaurant building, everyone gathered in the dining area for “tasting and erudition”. This was again led by Sheila and Karla. Six different beers were tasted and evaluated. Guests were requested to provide comments on the different beers. Little did we know why…

Jüergen introduced the guests with a special mention for the seven extra special guests of Ed McNally who came over from the United Kingdom especially for this event. Because of this, Echanson Roger Baekland gave an overview of the history of la Chaine and l’Ordre Mondial.

Then the serving of the “honoured guest” began. The meal was served buffet style. A fresh garden green salad, garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables started the serving table, while at the head was the suckling pig excellently prepared by Executive Chef Klaus Wöckinger. As an added treat, wild roast boar was available. Of course, participants had their choice of any Big Rock beverage to accompany the meal. Dessert was a generous serving of Topfenstrudel served with a new entry to Big Rock’s line of beverages – cider – a wonderful pairing.

Once the meal was cleared we found out why the evaluations had been collected. Eight lucky persons were acknowledged for their verbal descriptions of the beverages. The award was a pail containing a collection of all the current Big Rock beverages. Bailli Honoraire Beat Hegnauer was selected as having the best description. Also, there were suggestions of “collusion,” as three more of the awards went to people at Beat’s table!

The Calgary OM choir then took centre stage and serenaded the assemblage with yet another special version of our song “In Praise of Alcohol” with a special verse for our Host establishment Big Rock Brewery and another special verse to honour outgoing Vice Echanson Ron Coggan and newly minted Jüergen Bahr. Ron was acknowledged for his fine work over the last four years and the many excellent events that he presided over.

To wrap up the event, the staff was brought out to a hearty round of applause and their hard work acknowledged by Vice Echanson Jüergen Bahr.

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