June 17, 2016

Jeunes Chefs of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs Calgary Bailliage 2016

Juergen Bahr, Vice-Chancellier Argentier Honoraire

What better way than to comment on the annual local young Chefs competition than to let the Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Chef Jan Hansen express his thoughts of this great event.

“Last but not least, the event that’s closest to my heart is the annual Jeunes Chefs Rotisseurs Competition. On Friday, June 17th with help from the team at SAIT and many amazing volunteers, we held another great competition. Seven young talented chefs from local establishments came out to not only cook like they have never cooked before, but they proudly represented their Chaine Chefs and establishments. With this year’s winner from the Nash moving on to Vancouver, I’m confident that Landon Schwarz has what it takes to make Calgary proud.” Jan Hansen, Vice-Conseiller Culinaire

Seven young chefs cooked their hearts out as you can see in the following pictures.  It was a great day as always and it must be said that all the tasting judges had a tasty time trying out all these creations.  Another successful competition that tests the craft and skill of these young chefs.

We thank Chef Hansen for again organizing this event and wish him all the best in his future role as the Bailli Regional of the Calgary Chaine des Rotisseurs. And we also thank all the judges who come and make this event such a successful occasion.

1 Alex Cormier, The Nash
2 David Ryc, Fairmont Banff Springs
3 Tierra Walter, CG&CC
4 Tyler Martin, Hotel Arts
5 Landon Schwarz, The Nash (Winner)
6 Darren Wyand, Fairmont Banff Springs
7 Matthew Liesemer, Glencoe Club

We congratulate Landon Schwarz on winning this event and compliment his establishment, Nash, and Chef Michael Noble and Executive Chef Matthew Batey for making Landon’s participation possible.

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