June 11, 2010

2010 Jeunes Commis Rotisseurs Competition, June 11, 2010

The 2010 Jeunes Commis competition was again held at SAIT under the continuing support of our Bailli Regional, Cindy Findlay.  The black box ingredients were chosen by Michael Allemeier, Vice Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire and Simon Dunn, Chef Rotisseur.  This time, a unique challenge – although a relatively short list, all were compulsory.  They were:

Whole pheasant
Whole fresh striped bass
Fresh clams
Foie Gras
Fresh green asparagus
Oyster mushrooms
Baby zucchini
Fresh strawberries

Jury Members for the Commis Rotisseur Competition were:

Chairman of the Competition/Jury
Cindy Findlay    Bailli RegionaL
Jan Hansen    Chef Rotisseur

Our three professional kitchen judges were:
Michael Allemeier    Vice Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire
Simon Dunn    Chef Rotisseur
Beat Hegnauer    Bailli Regional Honoraire

The tasting jury was again composed of six professional and six non-professional members.
Valli Arlette    Argentier Honoraire
Carol Buchanan    Vice Consuellier Gastronmique
Terry Gudzowsky    Vice Echanson Honoraire
Jori Guteg    Argentier National
Jürgen Bahr    Vice Chancelier Argentier
Patricia Koyich    Maitre del Table
Paul Mastalir    Membre du Conseil d’Honneur
Thierry Meret    Chef Rotisseur
Mel Miners    Vice Charge de Presse
Felix Pfister    Maitre Rotiseur
Gerd Steinmeyer    Chef Rotisseur
Kenneth Titcomb    Chef Rotisseur

his year the tasting judges needed to speed up their tasting.  In previous years, there was more time between courses and also an hour between the two flights, while this year, the timing was much closer and very little time was allowed between the flights.

The 8 competitors were:
Sean Cutler      Calgary Golf and Country Club
Darnell Japp     Rouge
Serena Kwon     Willow Park Golf and Country Club
Carlo Lapuz     Glencoe Club
James Lewis     Fairmont Palliser
Peter Paiva     Hotel Arts, Raw Bar
Quinnton Staple     Hotel Arts, Raw Bar
Matt Wright      Calgary Golf and Country Club

When the judging was finished, the Jury retired to assess the judging sheets.  Apparently, it was extremely close and so the results were delayed by about a half hour, while the jury triple checked the scores.  First the computer program was used and then the whole works was done by hand.  Finally, an “audit” was performed to ensure that there were no mistakes.

In the end, and for the second year in a row, a protégé of Duncan Ly, this time, Quinnton Staple emerged as the winner.  His menu was:

Appetizer: seared Pheasant breast, with braised Pheasant leg and Foie Gras terrine, accompanied by a Quince puree and a Strawberry glaze.
Main Course: pan roasted Striped Bass, accompanied by Asparagus and baby Zucchini, with a potato and mushroom Roulade and highlighted by a clam and tomato emulsion
Dessert: Lemon curd and Meringue on a shortbread cookie accompanied with a Crème Anglaise.

SAIT, its employees and Cindy Findlay, Bailli Régional each receive an accolade from our Bailliage for their support of this competition.  Without it, we would not have such a wonderful facility to hold our competition.

We wish to thank the Member Establishments for supporting their employees in this competition, for without their help and support, we would not have a challenging competition and a viable industry.  Also included in this part, is a tremendous thanks to the members that travelled a great distance to participate in the judging.  These dedicated individuals deserve recognition for their commitment to the Chaîne and the Jeunes Commis competition.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Thierry Meret and Helmut Schoderbek for the use of some of their pictures.

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