February 9, 2012

l’Ordre Mondial at
Il Sogno

Hosted by Patricia Koyich, Vice-Echanson, Bailliage de l’Alberta a Calgary

February 9, 2012

Carnivale di Venezia

Celebrating everything old that is new again!

The Apertif/Digestif is created to stimulate the appetite and/or aid digestion.  Typically it
contains a beverage like vermouth, champagne or sherry.

During the cocktail reception, each offering was paired with its own hors d’oeuvre.

The Bellini originated  in 1948 at Harry’s Bar in Venice, a place that Ernest Hemingway would patronize.  It consists of white peach, raspberry and Prosecco.  It was served with an elegant oyster on the half-shell.

The Stregona dates back to 1860 from the town of Benevento, known to be home to fabled witches (Strega) of Campania, Italy.  Strega is an herbal liqueur, coloured yellow from saffron, and flavoured with a secret recipe of 70 ingredients.   This drink is made from Blood orange juice, gin and Strega.  It was accompanied by an elegant hors d’oeuvre of smoked char.

The Negroni is a very traditional cocktail made from gin, Cinzano (1757) and Campari (1904) with a splash of soda.  It was enjoyed with an earthy escargot, presented on a spoon.


Octopus With Saffron Potato, Braised Fennel,
Arugula Salad, Light Caper Dressing


2010 Bongiovanni Lange Arneis, Piedmont
Braised Rabbit Mezzaluna
Toasted Pine Nuts, Oregano


2008 Villa Matilde Fiano De Avellino, Campania
Veal Cheek And Porcini ‘Wellington’
Parsnip Puree, Brussels Sprouts, Beets, Sunchokes


2009 Einaudi Dolcetto Di Dogliani, Piedmont
Prosecco – Adami Doc, Veneto
Grana Padano, Fig Preserve, Brioche


2009 Conterno Fantino ‘Vignota’ Barbara, Piedmont
Treacle Tartlette
Chocolate Crème Fraiche, Brandy Snap


Averna Amaro, Sicily

The wines for the evening were chosen for many reasons, but two very important ones were that they are all 100% single varietals, meaning there is no blending.  The second is that they are all indigenous grape varietals to Italy.

The first two white wines were served at two different temperatures to show how this dramatically affects the palate and the food pairing.

The final beverage, Amaro Averna was served on ice.  This Sicilian digestif is flavored with citrus, herbs, roots and caramel.

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