February 12, 2017

The Nash, Dîner Amical

February 12, 2017

Jeff Merrin, Chargé de Presse

On February 12th, 2017, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Baillage was hosted by Michael Noble, Matthew Batey, and David Singleton at
The Nash for their first Diner Amîcal.

Members and guests of the Chaine were warmly welcomed into the restaurant and bar with a trio of wonderful appetizers served with a lovely rosé. A backdrop which included the meals three full rib roasts being cooked on a spit.

Once at the tables, Bailli Jan Hansen introduced the guests and reminded us that there are certain rules and conventions to be followed at a Chaine Diner Amical. The tables were intimately set, and as the evening was progressed the attendees were provided with warm service and well-paired wines for each course. The meal was wonderfully prepared and progressed nicely from course to course.


Course 1

Oyster en Gelée, Fennel & Natural Liquor, Crisp Apple, Caviar

Course 2

 Presse of Rabbit ‘en moutarde’, Apricots, Whole Grain Mustard, Puff Pastry

Course 3

Whipped Ricotta & Tarragon Agnolotti, Scallops, Black Garlic, Lobster Crème

Course 4

Duck à la Nash, Truffle Pain Perdu, Beetroot, Orange

Course 5

Lemon Thyme Sorbet, Charred Pineapple, Fennel, Cucumber

Course 6

Standing Rib of AAA Beef, Pommes Fondant, Mushrooms, Madeira Jus

Course 7

‘Ants on a Log’, Chocolate, Peanut, Raisin


After the meal, Bailli Jan Hansen proceeded to give the culinary and service brigades well-deserved accolades for their skill in preparing and serving the meal. 

Following custom, two plates were awarded for the evening. Chef Matthew Batey accepted the plate on behalf of the culinary team.

Kaitlyn Chute accepted the plate for the service brigade.

It was a very enjoyable evening filled with comraderie, great food and wine, and refined service.

Bailli Jan Hansen, then wished us all a good evening and reminded us to find a safe way home. 

A sincere Thank You and congratulations to the Nash on the success of their first Diner Amical.

Vive La Chaine!

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