Intronization Chapitre Diner

Hyatt Regency Hotel

December 18, 2016

Juergen Bahr, Vice-Chancellier Argentier Honoraire


The annual highlight Diner Amical for the Calgary Chaine was held in 2016 at the Hyatt Hotel in Calgary. This diner combines the Intronization ritual with the final diner of the year and has been for the Chaine a time reflection, renewal and anticipation for the future.  Members of the Council change and new members are intronized into the Chaine des Rotisseurs and the L’Ordre Mondial.

We met in the Hyatt ballroom for the Intronization ceremony.  We were welcomed by outgoing Bailli Mark Wilson who then passed on the honours to National Bailli David Tetrault.  Mr. Tetrault then reminded us of the long and glorious history of the Chaine and recounted who we are in the Chaine and why we are in the Chaine.  It is an annual reminder to stay true to the values and traditions which are the foundations of our organization.

Mr. Tetrault then recognized Bailli Wilson by awarding him the Silver Star of the Chaine des Rotisseurs for his significant service in building and maintaining the Calgary Bailliage.

Bailli Wilson then recognized Juergen Bahr, outgoing Charge de Presse, for his service during his time on the Council by awarding him the Bronze Star of the Chaine des Rotisseurs.

After these honours Bailli Wilson, Tetrault and Painsi and the whole council commenced the Intronization ceremony.  After the new intronizees and the promotes repeated the Oath of the Chaine they were dubbed with the sword of the Chaine and then presented with their Chaines denoting rank and standing.

After the Chaine Intronization outgoing Vice Echanson Joe Scorgie rose and intronized the new L’Ordre Mondial members.  They were dubbed with the Holy Vine and then sworn in to faithful members of the order dedicated to all wines and spirits by raising a glass and toasting the Chaine.


The members then were asked to move to the foyer of the Hyatt for the reception.  Wonderful bubbly and delicious canapés were served and members had time to visit and exchange Christmas greetings.  We were serenaded by a wonderful quartet of Christmas carollers who made this reception very special.

The Chapitre diner was held at the Thomson restaurant at the Hyatt, a room decorated colourfully in the Christmas spirit.  The table setting were wonderful and all received a cute little nutcracker on their plates. A table display of Cognac promised a wonderful end to the dinner.

Bailli Wilson bade us to sit and welcomed members and guests to the diner.  And then we commenced this feast.

Course 1
Southern Alberta Pheasant, Cellar vegetables, Wild Mushrooms, Cedar aspic, Parsnip Mouse, Cranberry
Bolgheri Rosso, Tuscany, Italy, 2014

Course 2
Roast Salted Game Bone Broth Marrow Bone, Hare Rillette, Peas and Corn, Herbs
Chateau Trillol, Corbieres, France, 2012

Course 3
Alberta Trout Salad, Petit Orange Salad, Preserved Prairie Crab Apple and Yellow Beet Butter|
Pierre Sparr, Pinot Gris Reserve, Alsace, France, 2014

Course 4
Sour Cherry and Gin Granite

Course 5
Foie Gras Stuffed Roast Quail and Alberta Beef Tenderloin, Coloured Carrots, Russian Blue Potatoe Fondant
Il Fauno de Arceanu, Tuscany, Italy, 2011

Course 6
Board of Cheese
Local Aged Ale Wash Rind Mont brine, Raw Milk Goat Soft Rind, Aged Blue
Il Fauno di Arcanu, Tuscany, Italy, 2011

Course 7
Flamed English Pudding


Plates of chocolates and Sugar Works.

The diner was outstanding, a sentiment expressed then by Bailli Wilson who gave his accolades. 

He praised the service brigade for their attention and effort under the leadership of Maître d ’Hotel Amrut Misra.

He then went on to praise the kitchen for the imaginative and creative presentation and the excellence of production under the guidance of Chef David Flegel. Great flavours and excellent matching of wines were prevalent throughout the meal. Bravo Chef Flegel.

As it is custom with the Chaine, two plates were presented.  Maître d ‘Hotel Amrut Misra received the plate for the service brigade.

Chef David Flegel received the plate for his great work and for the efforts of the kitchen brigade.  As we know it does not work unless you have a great team.  Congratulations.

Baillie Wilson then bade us safe journey and Merry Christmas for the last time as Bailli Regional of the Calgary Chaine.  He was promoted earlier to Bailli des Prairies to work together with Fritz Painsi, Co Bailli des Prairies, to grow the Chaine throughout the Prairie Provinces.  Congratulations Mark, you will do a great job.

And I also bid you a fond adieu as I have retired from the position of Charge de Presse. It has been a great time serving you.  Thank you for the opportunity.

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