Intronization – SAIT

December 16, 2022

Ashley, Vice Chargée de Presse

To begin this evening at SAIT we witnessed the Intronizations.

Joe Scorgie, Bailli Régional welcomed us to the evening, introduced Tony Cantanese, Baili Délégué, and
David Tetrault, Conseil d’Administration.

Tony Cantanese, Baili Délégué gave us a brief history of la Chaîne de Rôtisseurs, and introduced David Tetrault, Conseil d’Administration. We recognized one Commandeur this evening, Peter Findlay, and then the new inductees were asked to stand
to swear their oath to La Chaîne.

 We had several members who joined l’Ordre Mondial, they were dubbed with the ceremonial wand, and drank a toast.

Having concluded most of the formalities for the evening we made our way back through the kitchen, what fun this was, having a little teaser of the hors d’oeuvres and meal to come.

Vive la Chaîne!


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