August 23, 2009

Industry “Thank You” BBQ

August 23, 2009

Mel Miners, Vice-Chargé de Presse

The Calgary Council of the Chaine des Rotisseurs hosted a special BBQ on Sunday, August 23, 2009 to thank industry partners who have hosted Chaine events over the last year and a half. Members of the Calgary Bailliage have enjoyed some outstanding events and this “Thank You BBQ “was intended to recognize the ongoing support we receive from the industry.

Industry guests in attendance were:

Liana Robbrecht of the Calgary Petroleum Club
Michael Buchanan of Buchanan’s Chop House
Brigitte Fritz of the Fairmont Palliser
Mark Wilson of the Hotel Arts
Jan Hansen of Heritage Park
Vince Parkinson of Calgary Golf & Country Club
David Houghton with the Ranchmen’s Club

Members of the current council made up the kitchen staff:

Cindy Findlay was the Director of Food and Beverage
Beat Hegnauer was our Executive Chef
Brigitte Fritz was our Director of Services which included food prep, serving of the hors d’oeuvres and entertainment.
Mark was our Beverage Manager and also assisted in serving
Juergen was our Sous Chef and lovingly prepared the smoked salmon canapés
Peter Findlay was conscripted and wound up preparing the crudités.
Mel was the chief vegetable scrubber and general “gofer”
Carol set the tables in a colorful summer theme – she seemed to be everywhere doing almost anything.


Special thanks to David and Joan Tetrault who gave up their beautiful yard for this event.  The afternoon started off with a clear blue sky and a mild 24 C – just perfect for our BBQ.  The helpers arrived promptly at 2:00 PM and within 45 minutes had set up the grounds.  Of course, Joan’s 40+ hours of hard work over the previous week certainly made our job a lot easier.  Once the grounds were ready, food preparation began in earnest.

The appetizer menu consisted of:

Smoked salmon canapés
Fresh vegetables and dip
Shrimp and scallops to die for
Assorted Val Bella sausages

Our main course was served buffet style and consisted of:

Beat’s specially prepared beef tenderloin
Oven roasted potatoes, baked beans
Greek and leaf salads
Assorted breads

The wrap-up to the meal was Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Torte, assorted pastries and a marvelous cheese platter.

While the staff was busy preparing the food, our guests and their partners gathered and amid their conversations, watched as a few valiant teams were busy on the croquet field.  Just as dinner was about to be served, the traditional Calgary storm blew in.  Fortunately, we were only treated to the cloud and wind.  Also fortunate, was the shelter of the trees in the yard which provided a good wind break and so the dinner was carried out in a most enjoyable fashion.

Our thanks go to Joan and David for the use of their home and yard and, to our guests for being hosts to our fabulous functions.  To those hosts who were absent, we extend our thanks and hope that they will be able to make it to our next special function.

I would also personally like to thank our hosts whose functions that I have attended.  It is both a privilege and an honour to enjoy their hard work and creativity.  I believe that here is no other venue or organization that is treated to the level of skill that is exemplified at our events.

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