Mondial 15  Big Rock Brewery
August 15, 2015

Juergen Bahr, Chargé de Presse

All about beer was the theme of the L’Ordre Mondial event held at Big Rock Brewery on Aug. 15, 2015. And we tried to follow that directive as diligently as we could. This event followed the AGM held in the board room of the Brewery and made us all forget about monies and plans very quickly. We commenced the evening with the introduction of the guests by Vice-Echanson Joe Scorgie.

After that we were offered a very informative tour of the production facilities. Our guide took us through the different stages of production and explained with great knowledge the processes and the required equipment.

Of course the obvious thing to do after a tour like that was to sample the beers the brewery produces. To that purpose we returned to the Big Rock Grille and were introduced to about a dozen different beers and some ciders.  After completing this “oh so tedious” process, we were invited to our places and dinner commenced. Chef and part owner Harry Griesser presented us with a four course dinner that he paired expertly with beers produced by Big Rock.

A warm Pretzel along with Obatzda, a traditional Bavarian cream cheese and brie spread were served as an appetizer.

Course 1

Smoked Duck Breast
Red Grapes, Fennel, Rocket Leaves, Frisee and Kale
Black Cherry Vinaigrette reduction
Cascadian Beer

Course 2

Beef Bouillion with Semolina Quenelles
Hefe Weizen

Course 3

Alberta Bison Strip Loin Roast on Saskatoon Berry Glaze topped with fresh BC Chanterelles
White Truffle Mashed Potatoes
Bouquet of Seasonal Vegetables
Warthog Beer

Course 4

Austrian Beer Apple Strudel with warm Vanilla Sauce
Rock Creek Apple Cider



The food was delicious and matched the beers and cider very well.  The service managed by Markus Aschauer, restaurant manager and part owner, was prompt, efficient and knowledgeable.  The timing of the courses was excellent. Congratulations to the staff and the two owners of the Big Rock Grille for providing us with a wonderful drinking and experience. The experience was highlighted by the commentary of Big Rock chief executive officer Bob Sartor, assisted by Paul Gautreau, brew master, who explained the beers, their character and how they are produced.  We would also like to thank David Farran of Eau Claire Distillery who brought us samples of their excellent locally produced Gin and Vodka. Outstanding spirits. We would also recognize David Tetrault, National Bailli for Canada, who introduced Bob Sartor and David Farran.

The final and very important thing to do was to sing to the glory of the spirits both present and not present. The Mondial Chorus presented the Mondial Hymn, dedicated to the creator of the hymn, Roger Baekeland, who sadly recently left us, with gusto and enthusiasm.

Joe Scorgie, Vice-Echanson then wished us a wonderful night and reminded us to be safe in our travels home.  It was a wonderful evening at the Big Rock Grill which we will hope to repeat often.

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