Azuridge Hotel, Dîner Amical

April 22, 2017

Jeff Merrin, Chargé de Presse

On April 22, 2017, the Calgary Bailliage was hosted by Azuridge Hotel for a dinner themed around Canada’s 150th Anniversary. After a reception at Hotel Arts and a short bus ride, members and guests of the Chaine were warmly received by the Azuridge staff and served a variety of appetizers to begin a wonderful evening.





Hor’s D’oeuvres


Once at the tables, Bailli Jan Hansen introduced the guests and reminded us that there are certain rules and conventions to be followed at a Chaine Diner Amical. The tables were beautifully set and the dinner that followed moved from East coast to West Coast highlighting regional specialties.



Course 1


New Brunswick Fiddleheads

Course 2


East Coast Seafood in a Martini Glass

Course 3


Ontario Pheasant Consommé with Quenelle
Pecorino Cheese Crusted en Croute

Course 4


Quebec Pulled Brome Lake Duck Poutine
With Pommes Pont Neufs

Course 5


British Columbian Free-Range Partridge Supreme Medallions
With Manitoba Wild Rice and Barley Risotto

Course 6


Saskatoon Berry Sorbet

Course 7


Alberta Raised Bison & Elk
Braised Elk Shank Wrapped with Savoy Cabbage
Gnocchi & Spring Fresh Vegetables

Course 8


Blackberry Crème Vacherin



After the meal, the accolades were given by Bailli Jan Hansen and noted the attention to skill and effort required by the front and back of house to develop and serve a menu emphasizing the diversity of Canadian products. 




Following custom two plates were awarded for the evening. Chef Yoshitaka Chubachi accepted the plate on behalf of the culinary team.



Ans a second plate was accepted for the service brigade.



It was a very enjoyable evening filled with camaraderie, great food and wine, and refined service.
Bailli Jan Hansen, then wished us all a good evening and reminded us to find a safe way home. 
A sincere thank you and congratulations to Azuridge on the success of their Diner Amical.

Vive La Chaine!


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