April 13, 2008

Dîner Amical, Wildwood Grill & Brewing Company

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mel Miners, Vice-Chargé de Presse

Every Dîner Amical of the Chaîne presents us with new opportunities to experience both food and drink. The Wildwood Grill and Brewing Company, our host for this wonderful dinner, presented itself admirably and led us through a culinary experience that danced a little with the ghosts of the Franzl’s Gasthaus, the Chaîne restaurant that previously occupied the same premises. Chefs Josef Wiewer, Barbara Lippuner, Eric Hudson and Erin Vrba created a menu that gave us echoes of the past and exciting new views of the future. The food was traditional and daring at the same time, the wines matched beautifully and the service was impeccable. That beer made its own surreptitiously occasional appearance was really expected from the Wildwood, after all it is also a Brewing Company. Special mentioned to the service brigade under the leadership of David Nixon; the room was not easy for service, but the brigade was exact in timing, and also paid attention to detail and fulfilled every wish of the diners. We also thank you for the entertainment. A great Chaîne start for this restaurant, we hope to come often in the future and look forward to new delights and surprises.

We also greatly appreciated the expert guidance provided by Wine Master Mark White, who, with his stories about the wines, made them taste even better.

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